An Overview:

Patents are awarded to people who produce innovations or make significant improvements to existing products, as well as to those who discover new manufacturing processes. For a limited time, patents grant exclusive rights to manufacture an item or to develop a process to make a new article. A patent filing in India expires after which anybody can use that invention

A patent protects the invention from being copied and used without permission. If a patent is to be granted, the procedure or product must be original, novel, useful, and industrially applicable, so an assessment is conducted to make sure they are original, novel (not previously published), and industrially applicable (fit for commercial use). A similar invention or item is found by searching the country’s intellectual property authority database

A patent search can provide several benefits

  • Market competition is evident from this data
  • A patent already exists for the concept of your invention according to this tool
  • Your invention can be patented if certain aspects of it are deemed patentable by the guide
  • You grant others the exclusive right not to reproduce, manufacture, market, sell, or import your innovation without your permission when you register your innovation.

Documents Required for the Filing of a Patent in India

Here is a list of documents that are required when you need to perform the procedure of Patent Filing in India….

  • Detailed specification (in English)
  • Sketch(es)
  • Inventors’ names, addresses, and nationalities
  • Details about the applicants, including name, address, and nationality
  • An attorney’s power of attorney (used when a patent agent applies)
  • (If the inventors are not the applicants) A deed of assignment or an application form signed by the inventors.
  • (Information and commitment under section 8): Details of applications filed in other countries
  • Translated priority application into English (for conventions)
  • For applications in the national phase only, the applicant can have the PCT translation completed by an agent who can verify the English translation on the applicant’s behalf.
  • If requested by the controller, a certified copy of the priority application (needed usually for convention applications, but can also be needed if the priority document was not filed with the international bureau)
  • If applicable, an electronic version of the sequences should be provided (printed forms are not required.)
  • The National Biodiversity Authority needs to grant permission for the use of biological material from India in the invention.

Why Is a Patent Search Essential?

There are thousands of patent filing applications filed annually with the patent authorities. However, not every patent application is granted. A similar invention/application or method makes it impossible to distinguish it from other similar inventions/applications or methods.

As an example, pharmaceutical companies in India file patents every year for the products they develop through their research and development departments, as well as for methodology for formulating or obtaining active ingredients. 

They are not considered groundbreaking, so they are not eligible for registration. Thus, before applying for a patent, one should search for patents or applications that are similar to the invention before starting the patent process.

How GB Legal Associates Carries Out the Patent Search Process?

An Article Published In A Reputable Journal

During the patent application process, please provide as much information as possible about the invention, including its uses, advantages over existing products and processes, and, if applicable, its publication in a reputable journal.

Patent Search

In response to your request, a GB Legal Associates legal specialist will conduct a thorough search of our database. If the innovation is broad, if it applies to different industries, and if there are similar products/processes, then a more lengthy search is needed. The patent application process will begin once our patent search confirms the newness of the product or procedure you're creating.

Filing a patent application

Filing a patent is an important part of patenting. The entire process specification must be completed by an expert.

It is wise to seek expert assistance when drafting a patent application, as it is an art. The individual wishing to file a provisional patent application should do so at the beginning of their research and development process.

Preparing patentability report

A patentability report. In this regard, a patent application must be accompanied by all the specified documents.

Publication of patent application

This is followed by the publication of the patent application in the Patent Journal within 18 months. A patent can be filed early if the prescribed fees are paid with the request.

Patents published after filing

Until a patent application is published in the Patent Journal, the Indian patent office retains all applications as confidential. It is not necessary to raise a request to publish a patent, it happens automatically after 18 months after filing applications.

Examining patent applications

A formal request for a patent examination would be made within 48 months of the patent's first filing. The patent office will treat the application as withdrawn if the applicant fails to file within the specified time frame. After conducting a thorough investigation, the examiner issues a first examination report called patent prosecution.

Objections to patents

Patent applications are also subject to objections, so you must analyze the patent examination report and respond correctly to those objections.

Patent issuance

A granted patent is published in the Patent Journal once all patentability requirements have been satisfied.

Examining and publishing applications

The general public shall be eighteen months from the date the application is filed or the date the application receives priority, whichever is earlier.

It is provided that the Controller must generally publish a notification in the journal within one month following the expiration of the previous period, or within one month following the date of a request for publication under rule 24A.

An application for publication under section 11A, paragraph (2), should be submitted in Form 9.

An application for a patent is made by a corporation

You can apply for a patent as an individual, a partnership firm, a limited liability company, or a corporation. However, they are incapable of inventing, and thus cannot be considered as ‘Inventors’. Hence such organizations are eligible to apply for a patent under the Indian Patents Act, 1970, as assignees of inventors.

Customers may see a product as more valuable and more appealing when it has a patent on it. If your invention is used illegally, a patent will protect it against that. Your inventions are yours alone, so no one else will be able to copy them, manufacture, or sell them once they are already patented.

When valuing a product, patents are helpful. At such times, they are a great asset, especially if you plan to raise investment capital. We are providing Patent Registration to expecting clients in the matter of Patent Registration with GB Legal Associates. Our team consists of experts in this area.

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What are the benefits of filing a patent in India?

Here are the benefits of filing a patent registration in India:

Innovation and invention are encouraged with patents. The event that the applicant has a patent ensures that competitors cannot copy, sell, or import the intellectual property without the owner’s permission. This way, the patent holder can protect his patent rights in support of the existing laws.

  • You can license or sell patents in the same way that you can sell other types of property.
  • It is also possible for the investor to transfer his or her rights.
  • Brand perception can be improved by a patented product, which also allows a business to charge a premium.
  • When a patent owner retains exclusive rights to an invention, they can use it for twenty years or more

How do patent applications get filed?

You can file for a patent registration of an invention alone or jointly with another person if you are one of the following people:

  • Owner of the patent and the first assignee of the inventor
  • His/her agents are the representatives of the deceased inventor who is the true and first inventor
  • The Patent Act defines a “person” as any natural person, company, or association, or body of individuals, or government body, regardless of its legal structure.
  • A firm that is a proprietorship should apply the name of the proprietor.
  • A patent application must include all personally responsible partners in partnership firms.
  • In addition to a legal entity, an assignee can also be someone other than a legal entity, like a natural person, an LLP, a Section 8 company, a government entity, or even a registered company.
  • To file a patent application, the applicant must provide the name, address, and nationality of the real and first inventor.

Is there anything that can be patented?

Technically sound and must demonstrate the following:

There is no publication in India or anywhere else about the subject matter disclosed in the specification before the patent application is filed in India.

Based on prior publications, knowledge, or documents, a person of skill in the art would be unable to discover the invention.

An invention must be useful to the industry in which it be made or used