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The Sooner You Trademark Your Business, the Better

In case you are aspiring to expand your business, you should consider registering a trademark. Because trademarks are investments in your business’ identity, they can be very valuable assets as your business grows. We can help you with Trademark registration in Thane Mumbai.

Marks were used as proof of ownership over goods produced by people who could not read and write at that time. The practice of merchants branding their products with their own labels or ‘proprietary marks’ dates back as far as the 10th century. Since the emergence of guilds and trade associations in the 14th and 15th centuries, trademarks have been used to identify goods and services.

This entire concept of a trademark was only formalized by the British Trademark Act of 1875. As a result of the Trademark Act of 1999, trademark registration and related matters are governed in India.

When Does Trademark Registration Become Necessary?

The use of a trademark enables you to distinguish the products of your company from those of your competitors. Most famous companies around the world possess some of their own trademarks. Words, names, symbols, and slogans are some of the types of trademarks. You are assured that your brand will never be copied by anyone else if you have trademarked it. There will be protected from the laws of the country for any actions taken in this direction. 

Protecting your trademark has many benefits

It is always a good idea to register your trademark, as it will provide you with a number of benefits. As a result of trademark registration, you can enjoy a number of benefits, including

  • When you register your trademark, your competitors won’t be able to use your name or logo. This will reduce the need for additional expenses associated with damage claims and settlements.
  • Modern businesses are flooded with counterfeiters making a profit by copying successful brands’ designs. By doing so, you risk ruining the reputation of your brand and losing your customers’ trust. The Trademark Act allows you to prove that you are a legitimate producer if your products are counterfeited.
  • As an additional benefit, registration allows you to check if any pre-existing brands are available. You will be protected from false accusations in this way. With Trademark Registration in Thane, you will also eliminate the hassle of rebranding, repromoting, and restarting your business
  • You will feel a sense of responsibility when you own a trademark. Your priority as an owner will always be to provide quality products to your customers.
  • In addition to being an asset, trademarks can be purchased, licensed, or sold by your company. Distributors and shopkeepers can also be required to pay royalties to enforce the right to use your mark.

The steps to registering your business as a trademark,

However, most companies wait until something serious goes wrong with their business before they register their trademarks. Having your brand’s trademark registered by someone else may result in you losing it.

It is better to start the registration process now instead of waiting till it is too late. Below is a summary of the process:

To find:

Your brand name and logo should be thoroughly searched before you register your trademark.

Suitable for:

The classification of trademarks by industry is possible. There are approximately 45 categories of products and services. Depending on the type of business you own, you may be able to register your business under several trademarks simultaneously.

How to apply:

In the event the trademark is available, the applicant can begin using the TM symbol with their brand’s logo after receiving the acknowledgment for the trademark application.

Register at:

In order to ensure your application is free of objections, the trademark office will perform an all-around check. After verifying that there are no objections to the application and that it is original, the office makes an advertisement in the Trademarks Journal. If no opposition is received within four months of filing your trademark application, it will be registered six months later.

Obtaining a trademark for your business requires the following documents

The following documents must be provided when trademarking your business:

  • Your company’s logo.
  • Your business should be briefly described. To identify your business’ trademark class, you must determine its category.
  • The Power of Attorney must be signed.
  • As proof of identity, the business owner must possess an Aadhar card, a driving license, or a passport.
  • Certified documents are also required as proof of address from the business owner.
  • Expenses associated with trademarks

There is a fee associated with trademark registration

  • A startup, an individual, or a small business may receive $4500/-.
  • Other cases will be charged at 9000/-.
  • An attorney’s professional fee for trademark applications/classes comes to $4500/-. By comparison, Vakil Search costs only $199/per year.

Bottom Line:

A brand distinguishes businesses’ products and services from those of their competitors through signs, symbols, or words.

The Trademark Act, of 1999 of India defines a trademark as a mark that is graphically represented and that is used to distinguish one person’s goods from those of others. It refers to packaging, color combinations, or the shape of goods.

Online Trademark Registration in Thane Mumbai Basically, a trademark identifies a business and allows consumers to identify its source.

Choosing an arbitrary or fanciful word as a trademark is the best way to ensure strong protection. When it comes to a generic mark, a trademark cannot be registered under any circumstances, whereas a descriptive mark can provide only weak protection.

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