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The Trademark Act protects brands in a significant way. An exclusive, nationwide right is assumed with a patent as part of its legal presumption. Working hard is the key to obtaining them. The majority of attorneys do not even deal with them!

A trademark’s significance is shown in the image below. A trademark builds trust and loyalty and represents the excellence and reputation of a product or service. To increase customer confidence and recognition of your brand, you need to register your trademark

A Trademark Registration in Navi Mumbai can only be obtained by registering your trademark with the government. To be granted, you must, however, meet the following four requirements:

  • Conflicts are not present
  • Distinctiveness of trademarks
  • Commerce-related use
  • The ability to distinguish products from one another

You and your brand can benefit from all of this.

Trademark Requirement

  •  It is not in conflict with any other registered marks

A trademark must not conflict with another trademark. This is the most important requirement. This is the most common reason for refusing registration, according to the  Indian Patent and Trademark Office.

Examiners are unlikely to change their minds based solely on disagreements with you. The 12-factor analysis method should be applied in the same way as that used by the Examiner. Lawyers who specialise in trademarks can be helpful in this situation. In comparison to a trademark lawyer, it is much harder for you to do this effectively.

It is important to distinguish a trademark

The distinctiveness of a trademark is another requirement. As well as determining the ability of a product to be recognized by its source, brand distinctiveness also indicates its origin. A distinctive mark will make it easier for you to register it.

Most powerful

Among the most distinctive brands are “fanciful” ones, such as KODAK, PEPSI, and EXXON, which are words invented without a dictionary.

Imaginative = distinctive


Next in strength and distinctiveness is “arbitrary.” Arbitrary marks are words that have dictionary meanings but no connection to the goods or services of the application. A good example of an arbitrary mark is Apple for computers.

Distinctive = Fanciful


“Suggestive” marks are the next level of distinctiveness. An application based on suggestive marks requires a mental step – imagination, thought, or perception – to determine the nature of the goods or services. GREYHOUND for bus lines, CITIBANK for financial services, and JAGUAR for automobiles are examples of suggestive marks.

A suggestive word = a distinctive word

The weakest

There are two types of trademarks: “descriptive” trademarks and “distinctive” trademarks. The descriptive mark immediately conveys a quality, characteristic, or ingredient of the goods or services. It does not require any mental effort. Yogurt’s mark CREAMY, for instance, would simply describe the product.

A descriptive trademark must have acquired some “secondary meaning” over time through extensive use by buyers.

Distinctiveness is the result of descriptive words combined with secondary meanings

  • Use of trademarks in commerce is required

Commercial use is the basis for the Trademark Registration Office in Navi Mumbai. A trademark owner must also actually use their mark in commerce, so it should come as no surprise that this is another requirement.

It must be a type of use they can regulate. An interstate or international business (e.g., an Internet business) or a good or service that crosses the state, national, or territorial lines is considered cross-state or cross-national use.

  • Capability to be a brand identifier

Despite trademark laws, some words, names, symbols, and devices cannot be registered as trademarks. In some cases, it is impossible to distinguish and identify a product’s source by its mark. Other laws are prohibited by states and governments.

Some examples are as follows:

For this reason, the trademark office refuses to register marks incorporating features from a product’s “dress.”

Any marks that misrepresent a product’s characteristics, qualities, functions, composition, or use will not be registered.

Several national and international organizations are protected by law, including the Boy Scouts of America and the Peace Corps. Several adopted emblems, seals, names, and medals are protected as well, including those for the Secret Service, Coast Guard, and Smokey Bear.

In this case, the generic term is not registered because it identifies the type of product but not its source. Several generic terms are interchangeable, including aspirin, jet ski, bubble wrap, and jacuzzi. Since generic terms are used to describe goods and services, consumers cannot distinguish one brand from another.

The bottom line is:

An important role of the trademark is to promote goods and communicate product quality. Through it, enterprises can acquire individual rights to utilise, distribute, or assign marks. The trademark registration process can be used to accomplish this.

A huge number of new, identical products and brands emerge daily in the Indian market, making it extremely competitive for business owners. The importance of protecting your brand becomes evident in this case as anybody can profit from your name or brand if you don’t protect it.

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