Trademark Registration in Nagpur

Following the Filing of your Trademark, here are Six Ways to Maintain it


What are some ways to ensure the brand’s trademark is protected? How do trademarks work? It is ultimately necessary to delve into some intricacies in order to answer such questions. The Indian Trademark Act 1999 protects anyone’s trademark at the national level. Many people are unaware that after registering a trademark, you must choose, defend, and use a brand.  We can assist you with Trademark registration in Nagpur.

  •  Below are some important facts you should know. 

You can protect your firm name and logo as joint law trademarks as soon as you apply for registration. Using your trademarks online or expanding your firm may be advantageous, but if they are only used locally, it might not be as useful. The USPTO – office of Trademarks and Patents (USPTO) provides comprehensive country-wide protection for your trademarks. An application must be prepared thoroughly, followed up, and periodically inspected in order to be successful. In order to safeguard and maintain your brand, you must take the following steps. It is important to protect your brand as well as your trademarks.

  •  Make sure your assignment is prepared 

What is the best way to distinguish your trademark? Identifying your specific trademark’s distinctive selling points (USPs) is preferable. Similar marks used for related goods and services create a “potential for misunderstanding.”.

You won’t be able to register your trademark if you have a “feeling of doubt” about another registered brand. If you wish to lessen your chances of your federal trademark application being rejected, for this reason, you need to conduct a thorough investigation before applying.

  •  Trademark Applications Should Be Prepared and Submitted

It is important to protect logos, trademarks, and brand identities when they are developed. Trademark applications can be filed through the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Application Service (TEAS) if your trademark search finds no pending or registered trademarks that need to be resolved. We offer online trademark registration in Nagpur. 

In addition to a “picture” of how your mark currently looks, you should have a “specimen” that illustrates how it is used in your business. It is also necessary to specify the goods and services for which your mark will be used. In your trademark application, you must specify the categories of goods or services for which you wish to acquire trademark rights.

  •  Actions or opposition in the office should be reacted to quickly

In the event that any issues arise with your trademark registration, the USPTO will assign an examining attorney to review it and send you a document called an “Office activity.” Failing to respond to Office activities will result in your trademark application being considered inactive. Upon resolution of all issues and publication of the trademark notification in the Official Gazette, you may object to your trademark application. The examining attorney’s concerns must be addressed in response to an Office action.

  •  Make sure you follow up on your commitments 

Using the registered trademark symbol is possible once your trademark registration has been approved. However, you shouldn’t stop here when it comes to protecting your trademarks. Although the USPTO registers trademarks, it is up to you to use them. Keeping an eye on USPTO filings and objecting to any trademark applications nearly identical to yours are two strategies to protect your brand. Using force is another alternative if you discover another company using your registered trademark name or Logos that are confusing. Federal trademark registration allows you to sue an infringer in federal court if a cease-and-desist letter does not stop them.

  •  Keep Up With Your Trademark

Upon application, in the fifth and sixth years following enrollment, in the ninth and tenth years the following enrollment, and every ten years thereafter, maintenance papers must be submitted. It is possible to renew trademark registrations for further ten-year periods after the original registration expires. Missing a deadline can lead to the cancellation of your trademark registration. The process of obtaining a registered trademark requires extensive research and effective application. Ensure that the hard-won trademark protection of your company is maintained by monitoring and filling out maintenance paperwork.

  •  Con artists should be avoided

Several cybersquatters are waiting to take advantage of mark owners in order to make hefty demands. As part of this digital irritation, con artists are swamping the internet with unsolicited emails posing as trademark office representatives that send unsolicited emails to unrelated parties.

The con artist, however, uses dubious communication methods to extract private information. In order to avoid such dishonest entries, it is crucial to be on the lookout for them. In addition to open advertising, trademark offices also use radio and television advertisements to promote their organizations.

In conclusion,

Registrants are obligated to maintain their registrations, as well as have certain rights associated with them. To ensure that third parties do not gain an unfair advantage over third parties, the true trademark lifetime begins after it has been registered.

It is important to give the aforementioned considerations considerable consideration in order to maximize one’s mark. We recommend that you seek professional assistance if you decide that you need it. If you need assistance with trademark registration in India, contact GB Legal Associates Online Trademark Registration in Nagpur. It will be easier for you to work with our team.