Trademark Registration in Kolhapur Mumbai

Taking a Closer Look at (the) Trademark Registration

Customers are able to easily identify your brand among the competition in the market with a unique brand name and logo design. In order to prevent any potential trademark violations, brand name registration should be pursued at Trademark Registration in Kolhapur Mumbai.

Registration of a brand name has the following advantages:

  • Trademark exclusivity
  • Brand value is owned by the registered trademark
  • Maintaining goodwill in the business
  • Legal protection for its owners
  • Public relations and advertising are easy to make
  • Indian trademarks are registered with the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks.
  • There are two ways to register a brand name: offline (physical filing) or online (online filing).
  • Registration of trademarks online (e-filing). Depending on the jurisdiction, brand names can be registered offline at the trademark registry offices, whereas e-filing has become more convenient and useful in recent years.

You can register a brand name by following the steps below:

Trademark Registration in Kolhapur Mumbai involves creating an account on the trademark registry’s official website.

1. You can register on the trademark office’s portal by following these steps:

  • Firstly, log in to your trademark registration account at
  • The user can log in using either the User ID or the digital signature once he or she has logged into the official trademark registry website.

2. Search for a trademark:

Before registering a brand name, a trademark search is performed to determine if the business name, brand, or logo is similar to any existing trademarks. Using this search engine, you can find trademarks.

3. An application for a trademark must be filed:

Once a trademark search has been completed, a brand name registration application can be filed at the appropriate trademark registry. A trademark application along with the required documents and government fees must be submitted in the prescribed manner to register a trademark.

After the application has been filed, the applicant may begin using the trademark symbol (TM). There is also the option of registering a trademark online.

The trademark department marks the application for examination if it is found to be complete in all respects, otherwise it requires clarification.

Trademark Registration Online in Kolhapur keeps the applicant informed at all times of the status of the trademark application and updates it periodically.

4. Examination of trademark application:

At the trademark registry, qualified examiners advertise the brand name application in the trademark journal if it meets the required requirements for trademark registration.

In spite of this, an examination report will be issued in the event that a refusal is made on the basis of absolute grounds or relative grounds, as specified in the Trade Marks Act, 1999. In case of objections or discrepancies, the trademark application should have a definite deadline for resolution. This is in accordance with the requirements of the Trademark Registry.

5. Show Cause Hearing:

In the event that the Trademark Registry does not find the response to the examination report appropriate, then a trademark hearing may be conducted. The trademark officer will also be able to determine how unique and distinctive the applicant’s brand name is during the hearing.

In addition, the trademark hearing notice will be uploaded to the portal along with the address provided in the application. To request the hearing officer to allow the trademark application to move forward in the trademark process towards registration, an applicant must appear in person or with an agent or lawyer to explain the reasons for the request.

6. The mark has been published in the Trademark Journal:

Once the trademark has been examined and approved, it is published in the Trademarks Journal. An application for brand name registration is frozen for four months during which opposition can be filed.

the Registrar’s responsibility to determine whether both parties have sufficient grounds for their claims if the opponent files an opposition. Based on the facts and supporting documents, the appropriate trademark registry registrar decides whether to grant registration to either party.

7. Trademark registration & certification:

In the event that a brand name registration application is successful, the Trademark Registry issues a registration certificate under its seal following publication in the trademark journal. A trademark registration will be entered into the Central Register of TradeMarks by the Trade Marks Registry. It is possible to use the registered trademark symbol (®) when the trademark application has been registered in the name of the applicant.

The process of registering a brand name usually takes six to twelve months. Trademarks can remain valid for an unlimited period of time as long as they are regularly renewed. For a registered trademark, a trademark application must be renewed every ten years.

Bottom Line

Does it always make sense to consult a professional before registering a brand name? Online Trademark Registration in Kolhapur Mumbai can be simplified, eased, and streamlined with the assistance of one of our experts.

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