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The Benefits of Trademark Registration for Businesses in India

A trademark is a design that distinguishes a product from one producer from another or one business from its rivals. An organization can create a long-lasting image in the minds of clients by associating an indication with a good or service. A wonderful illustration of a trademark is the red thumb that is always associated with a cold beverage. Thums-Up. Here at Trademark registration in Bandra Mumbai will provide you with all the services.

An organization may trademark in India:

  • Word
  • Name
  • Logo
  • Numerals
  • Slogan
  • Device

Only the owner of any of these has the right to use it when it is registered as a trademark. To put it another way, only the business may use a trademarked name, slogan, emblem, etc. For instance, only Apple Inc. has the authority to use the emblem of a partially bitten apple on its products. So, why get worried for you we are here for Trademark registration in Bandra Mumbai.

Why Register Your Trademark?

A trademark is an intangible resource for a business that does more than just set one product apart from another. It safeguards both the brand and the product’s owner. Other justifications for online trademark registration include:

It makes sure that every customer can quickly recognize the goods by its name or brand. It provides a legal defense against dishonest goods and imitative services.

The Basics of Indian Trademark Registration

  • Trademark Act of 1999 is the name of the statute that governs trademark registration in India. There are 45 classes to choose from when a business applies for a trademark. These product and service categories are established by the nature of the company. We have our office located for Trademark registration office in Bandra Mumbai you can connect to.
  • Once a trademark is registered, it is added to a registry that keeps track of all TM belonging to a specific class. This is done in order to maintain a record of all trademarked words, logos, and symbols.
  • The lifespan of a trademark is ten years. As long as an application is received within a predetermined time frame, the registration may be renewed for an additional ten years.

The benefits of registering a trademark

  • An immaterial asset

Any asset has value in a deal. According to the law, a registered trademark is an identified intangible asset. Because the trademark represents the reputation the good or service has, it denotes that the trademark has worth. Additionally, trademark registration functions similarly to other corporate assets.

  • filing an infringement claim
  • Interdiction
  • delivery of counterfeit goods
  • Compensation for harm
  • significant deterrent

Other business owners are discouraged from using the same or a similar mark on their goods or services when a trademark has been registered. It ensures that a product keeps up its goodwill.

  • Security promise

The registered trademark can be used by a company in a way similar to immovable property if it wants to obtain a loan. In other words, you can use a trademark as collateral to get a bank loan. Online trademark registration in Bandra Mumbai you can apply at.

  • licence rights, among other things

Use of the symbols┬« or “R” on a product or service is only permitted if it is a registered license.

  • A trademark license

The trademark registry shows the same. It grants the licensee the authority to file any legal claims in the event of a violation being moved to another organisation, individual, or company. Get registered in a few foreign countries. This enables brand protection on a global scale as it grows its business.

  • as a piece of evidence in a case

It is assumed that the act of registering a trademark establishes the validity of the registrations and the associated rights. The certification establishes a person as the trademark owner in situations where legal action about the trademark was necessary. Until proven differently, the original registration record is considered to be proof.

  • a cause of action

According to the Counterfeit Goods Act of 1997, the owner of intellectual property, in this case, a product or service with a trademark, may choose to sue a company or person who engaged in counterfeiting on a criminal or civil basis.

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