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Registration of Trademarks in Andheri Mumbai: Overview of the Process

Typically, trademark registration applicants should allow at least 12 to 18 months for a trademark to be registered. Enrolling in a mark entails submitting an ongoing trademark application that goes through all of the stages. A trademark attorney can assist with all aspects of trademark documentation, including

1. Identify configuration

2. Examining trademark search results

3. Giving you information on how to obtain a trademark or the expense of doing so, both of which increase your chances of doing so. Count on GB legal Associates for all the registration at Trademark registration in Andheri Mumbai.

Examining Procedure

1. The trademark attorney reviews the trademark application and determines if the stamp may be registered under

  • American Patent, and Trademark Office
  •  USPTO

2. Should the USPTO trademark legal advisor decide against registering the mark, he will write a letter outlining the justifications for the decision.

3. The applicant has six months to respond to any objections; otherwise, the trademark application is deemed abandoned.

4. Registering a trademark or hiring a trademark attorney will help you fight this underlying refusal successfully with Trademark registration in Andheri Mumbai.

The likelihood of confusion between the applicant’s mark and an already-registered mark or the mark’s mere expressiveness in relation to the applicant’s goods and services are the two most often cited reasons for the USPTO trademark legal advisor to deny a trademark application.

Opposition publication

1. Publication for an opposition is the second phase of trademark registration.

2. In the unlikely event that the trademark counsel for the USPTO does not object to the registration of a trademark,

3. The USPTO trademark attorney will favor the mark for publication in the Official Gazette if the applicant overcomes all objections.

4. The applicant will receive a Notice of Publication from the USPTO trademark attorney containing the date of publication.

5. Within 30 days of the mark’s production date, any group that believes it would be damaged by the mark’s registration may file a request to extend the time to object. In the rare event of a limitation, a trial-style procedure is performed to determine whether the opposition is supported by sufficient evidence, such as the candidate’s mark being confusingly similar to the opponent’s mark.

The trademark search application becomes a registered mark or receives a Notice of Allowance if there is no opposition filed or the restriction is unsuccessful. The Trademark registration office in Andheri Mumbai is always there to give you all the assistance.

A notice of authorization or registration

The issue of a trademark registration or Notice of Allowance is the third step in the trademark registration process. If the trademark application was for a mark that was really being used in the business, the USPTO trademark attorney would typically register the mark and issue a registration certificate four months after the day the mark was published.

The USPTO trademark attorney will issue a Notice of Allowance about four months from the date of publication if the trademark documentation was based on an Intent-to-Use foundation. The candidate then has six months from the date of the notice of acceptance to:

File a Statement of Use if you intend to use the mark commercially

Request an extension of six months so you can record a Statement of Use. The USPTO trademark attorney will issue a registration certificate if the Statement of Use is verified and supported.

Final Words

Not to get worried about anything if you are the one looking for the best trademark registration firm. We here at GB Legal Associates will help you in all the ways possible for Online trademark registration in Andheri Mumbai.

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