Reestablishment of a LapsedĀ  Trademark

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The Trademark registration enlistment should be possible on any obvious plan, sign, or articulation. It recognizes things or organizations of a particular source. Nevertheless, an imprint used to recognize the administration is known as the help mark. An articulation or picture implies a specific thing to legally isolate it from every other thing. The fundamental […]

Getting Started with Trademark Enrollment – Trademark Registration Application

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Who Can Document a Trademark Registration Application? An individual who professes to be the owner of the Trademark registration corresponding to the labor and products can apply for the enrollment of Trademark registration. For making utilization of Trademark registrations, an individual incorporates a characteristic individually, a body consolidates, an organization firm, HUF, the relationship of […]

Register Your Trademark Straightaway – Trademark Registration Enrollment

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Trademark registration enrollment in Chembur with astounding offers. The portrayal of the shape of Trademark registration should be a viewpoint drawing that ought to plainly show every one of the elements of the Trademark registration. The pieces of the design professed to comprise the portrayal should be joined by a brief and precise depiction of […]


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Expressions are trademarks. Word, slogan, image, logo, graphic, color scheme, sound, or even fragrance could all be used to describe this statement. In the 45 categories in which they are registered, trademark owners have the only right to utilize their creations. Owners can simply prove their ownership of a trademark in court and receive royalties […]

The Benefits of Trademark Registration for Businesses in India

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A trademark is a design that distinguishes a product from one producer from another or one business from its rivals. An organization can create a long-lasting image in the minds of clients by associating an indication with a good or service. A wonderful illustration of a trademark is the red thumb that is always associated […]

Registration of Trademarks in Andheri Mumbai: Overview of the Process

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Typically, trademark registration applicants should allow at least 12 to 18 months for a trademark to be registered. Enrolling in a mark entails submitting an ongoing trademark application that goes through all of the stages. A trademark attorney can assist with all aspects of trademark documentation, including 1. Identify configuration 2. Examining trademark search results […]

Spread out your Business, and Market Position Quickly by Registering your Trademark

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Various business visionaries don’t comprehend the meaning of brand names getting their authorized advancement opportunities. Enlisting a brand name gives a stack of world-class honors that are just relevant to the owner. Coming up next are several authentic and business advantages of brand name registration. With the help of Trademark registration in Mumbai, you can […]

Know the complete Trademark Registration Process in India with this guide

It is a requirement for a company or individual to register a trademark in India if they intend to possess full ownership of the mark and to protect it against unauthorized use. If a trademark is infringed upon, a trademark registration gives the registrant the legal right to take appropriate action. The trademark owner has […]

Introduction to Trademarks and Their Benefits

With the enactment of the Company Act 2013, trademark registration has become increasingly important for businesses. A growing awareness of intellectual property and trademarks results in more than a thousand new “marks” being registered every year. New company names are not permitted to be similar to trademarks registered under the Company Act of 2013. Whenever […]