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What you Need to know About Brand Name Registration in India

Trademarks distinguish businesses, products, and services from one another. Intellectual property (such as trademarks) is an intangible asset belonging to a company. You want to protect the trust and loyalty you have built with your customers.

A Brand Name Registration in Mumbai gives you the right to sue and the right to prevent others from using similar marks.

What is the range of band names that you can register?

There are many aspects of your brand image that can be trademarked. Your brand needs to be appealing to customers to succeed. Analyze the trademark in terms of its application-relevant aspects.

1. Identify yourself

  • It is possible to register a trademark for a product’s name.
  • Trademark registration is the most common method used by businesses. Your name may even be worth trademarking if it contributes significantly to revenue generation!
  • Brand names and company names can also be trademarked as abbreviations.

2. Branding and emblems

Brand Registration in Mumbai your logo is highly recommended since it represents your brand visually. Rather than remembering your name, your customers are more likely to remember your logo.

3. The tagline is

Having a tagline is already a great selling point, so it may be a good idea to trademark it. You can tell your customers what you’re all about using a tagline as part of your marketing.

4. Alternatives

  • Colors or combinations of colors can be trademarked.
  • Those notes or sounds can be trademarked if they are deemed distinctive.
  • It is possible to trademark scents as well.

What Is The Importance Of Trademark Registration?

Following are some reasons why trademark registration is important to a business:

  • Using it can help you express your personality in a unique way
  • It is when you trust and believe in your customers that they become loyal to your business.
  • Your brand is protected by it by providing identity protection.
  • This resource is valuable on its own.
  • The identity of your brand is protected from unauthorized use.

Classifications of trademarks

45 trademark classes are used to categorize goods and services. Pick the wrong class for your company’s products/services to avoid invalidating your trademark. If your business offers a variety of goods and services, you must apply for trademarks online under all the applicable classes.

A trademark in India can be classified into the following categories:

  • Computer software and electronics are classified as class 9
  • Clothing is included in class 25
  • Business management and advertising are included in class 35
  • Education and entertainment are included in class 41.

These trademark classes may make obtaining a trademark more challenging. However, if your trademark is unique, you should not have any problems.

How to Register a Trademark in India With  GB Legal Associates?

Registering a trademark online takes more time and effort than it seems. Involved are several processes, and the government monitors them as well. This process has been broken down into three steps and GB Legal Associates is handling most of the work for you. Protect your logo, slogan, and brand by  Brand Name Registration in Mumbai today.

Searching for trademarks is the first step

After you give us the basic information about the trademark and the industry in which it will be used, our trademark experts will search the trademark database thoroughly. A mark that is already registered must be verified before it can be registered.

The second step is to select a class and collect documents

Your next step is to decide which class(es) will work best for your business. The situation does not require too much worry, however. With the help of our experts, you will choose the right classes for your business in all aspects. Using your dashboard, you can upload all the required documents for trademark registration simultaneously.

The third step involves filing a trademark application

Once all the documents have been uploaded, they will be verified. After submitting the documents, you will be asked to fill out and submit the trademark application form. Our team will review the application to ensure accuracy and quality.

During the registration process, the Trademark Registry will send you notifications. After completing the trademark registration process, you may receive notifications from the Trademark Registry.

Objections to trademarks

A trademark examiner may notice certain issues or errors with trademark registration. Online trademark applications can contain errors, inaccurate details, offensive or deceptive terms, incomplete information regarding the goods or services, or appear identical to other trademarks.

After analysis of the objection itself and proof of the complaint, an expertly drafted response is required if an objection is raised on the register. By responding to an objection to trademark registration, you strengthen your position and create urgency for your trademark registration.

The application will be processed for trademark registration and advertising in the Trademark Journal after the response has been accepted.

A trademark hearing could be scheduled if the examiner refuses to accept the trademark or if additional clarifications are needed by the examiner.

Normally, it takes 2-4 months for an objection to be resolved when it is raised for the first time. It is much more likely that the application will be approved if it is complete, although this is not a guarantee.

The following documents are required to register a trademark online in India

Let us begin by requesting the following information:

  • Name of applicant
  • Describe your business type
  • Objectives of the company
  • Logo/slogan name for a brand or company
  • The address for registration

The following documents will be needed:

  • Form 48 signed
  • An identification document for the signatory
  • Proof of address of the signatory
  • An example of a business proof (depending on the type of business)
  • Certificate of registration for an MSME based on Udyog Aadhar

What makes us different from other legal firms?

GB The following are some of the reasons why Legal Associates offers an online Brand Registration office in Mumbai. An extensive search of the TM directory is conducted to ensure that it is thoroughly searched

  • The authorization letter is prepared by our team so that we may file for the trademark registration on your behalf
  • Classes are selected by our experts based on your application
  • Registrars receive applications and complete them
  • Our team continuously updates you on the status of your trademark registration process
  • All your questions will be answered during the online trademark registration process.